Dilan – Summer work experience 2023

Dilan is a Rochester Bridge Trust Arkwright Engineering Scholar. Click here for an introduction to Dilan and the subjects he is studying.

Over the summer holidays, I went to UCL summer school for architecture which was very enlightening.

Since this was a residential, it meant I had a taste of university life. This enabled me to understand more about teaching at degree level and got to meet with other like-minded peers.

The course itself explored extrusion modelling and working with a variety of mediums from clay to charcoal to acrylic paint with a final project at the end of the course to present to everyone.

I also received some work experience from a relative in the construction industry. Shadowing him allowed me to appreciate a more technical side as well as the multiple site visits due to the nature of the work being on residential buildings. This meant I learned about regulations and standards as well as different procedures for projects. I was also tasked with creating a CAD model for one of the projects they were working on to be put into a proposal for the local council.

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