History – putting the H into SHTEAM

The Rochester Bridge Trust’s “line” of education is focussed on STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths – with the E for engineering being our priority. Sometimes this grouping is referred to as STEAM, with the addition of art (check out this activity sheet), and for this page of resources we’re bringing in one of the Trust’s other great loves, history. SHTEAM may not be a thing yet, but we’re working on it…

The resources available on this page are inspired by the STEM subjects at different periods though history.



The first bridge at Rochester was built by the Romans, as they made their way from the coast to London, during the invasion of 43AD.

The Romans in Rochester

Find out what the Romans did for us.

Roman Numerals

Find out more about the Roman method for writing numbers.

Numerals challenge

Can you solve the numerals puzzle?


Today’s Old Bridge is a reconstruction of the Victorian bridge which was opened in 1846.

Victorian engineering

Explore the era of the Industrial Revolution.


Activities to highlight some of the famous engineers, scientists and inventors through history.

Leonardo da Vinci

An introduction to the famous Italian polymath, supported by simple activities.

On the shoulders of giants

A prompt sheet to encourage people to find out more about a famous engineer, scientist or inventor.