Dilan – Rochester Bridge Trust Arkwright Engineering Scholar 2022

I am currently working towards my mathematics, physics, product design and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) A-levels at St Bonaventure’s 6th Form in London. After I complete my A levels, I am hoping to attend university and possibly study either civil or structural engineering but I am not ruling out an apprenticeship.

My subjects at school really complement each other. Mathematics and physics are quite focused on formulas and equations and I used to think “where would I actually use them?” but Product Design has allowed me to apply a combination of some of the formulas I once thought were uninteresting. That is one of the main reasons why I enjoy the subjects I study as they all really work well together.

I have always been interested in how things around me work and from a young age how to put things together, which is likely why I preferred the design subjects over the others. The idea of being able to create things and solve problems has always been something that has fascinated me so engineering seemed like the best of both worlds.

Outside of my studies, I enjoy creating CAD models and drawings on software like SketchUp as it gives me the freedom to be creative and better visualise my own designs. I also participate in a few sports like football and cricket.

I am extremely grateful that the Rochester Bridge Trust has sponsored me.

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