Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

On 5th January, 2017, in Maidstone Grammar School for Girls’ 129th year, Bridge Clerk Sue Threader was invited to be the guest speaker at the school’s annual Speech Day.

The establishment’s link with the Rochester Bridge Trust stretches back to 1868, when the Endowed Schools Act – allowing charities to divert surplus funds for educational purposes – was passed. As a result, the Trust decided to allocate money for the foundation of grammar schools for girls in both Maidstone and Rochester.

The event welcomed former Year 13 students back to the school to celebrate their success. Parents, guardians and Assistant Bridge Warden and Maidstone Mayor Derek Butler, accompanied by the Mayoress, were also in attendance.

In her speech, Mrs Threader outlined the history of the Trust’s relationship with the school, sharing some amusing anecdotes about the school’s early days and prominent figures of the day. You can read the full speech here.