Exploring Engineering Challenges

Langdon the Lion is pleased to present these Exploring Engineering Challenges for schools and clubs. The activities are based on real life engineering scenarios and are ideal for curriculum enrichment days, afterschool clubs, youth club and home education use.

Each ‘Exploring Engineering Challenge’ contains the guidance and handouts to lead a practical design and modelling challenge with a class or group. They are for 8-11-year-olds to enjoy as a whole day, two half days or four x 90-minute sessions.

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Challenge 1 – The Animal Crossing

In this challenge you are set the task of helping animals safely cross a road.

Challenge 2 – Water Cleaning

In this challenge you will learn how engineers design ways to clean water; experiment and predict using a simple water filtering system.

Challenge 3 – Roller Coasters

In this challenge you will design, model and test a roller coaster buggy to hold and protect a tomato (like the humans inside a rollercoaster!).