Other Crossings

The Rochester Bridge Trust only owns the Old Bridge, New Bridge and Service Bridge at Rochester. However it has helped to build lots of other crossings over, under, or across the River Medway by giving money and expertise.

Lockmeadow Millennium Bridge

Lockmeadow Millennium Bridge at Maidstone was opened in 1999.

Medway Tunnel

The Medway Tunnel between Chatham Dockyard and Frindsbury peninsula was opened in 1996.

Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge at Wateringbury was improved in 1915.

Hartlake Bridge

Hartlake Bridge at Hadlow was improved in 1910.

The Branbridges

The Branbridges at East Peckham were repaired and improved between 1905 and 1908.

Hampstead Lane Bridge

Hampstead Lane Bridge, Yalding was built in 1903 to replace an old wooden bridge.

The Great Bridge

The Great Bridge at Tonbridge was rebuilt in 1887 and widened in 1913 and 1928.

Rochester Pier

Rochester Pier was built in the 1880s.

The Sun Pier

The Sun Pier at Chatham was rebuilt in the 1880s and extended in 1905.

Maidstone Bridge

Maidstone Bridge was built in 1879 to the designs of the distinguished Victorian engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette and widened between 1926 and 1936.