Grants of up to £300 are available to facilitate STEM learning and/or the use of Learning about Bridges, the Rochester Bridge Trust’s 12-session resource.

Schools, home education groups and clubs in Kent; Medway; Bexley; Bromley, Hassocks in West Sussex; and areas of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire are eligible to apply, click here for the breakdown of geographical areas.

To apply, please email with the subject line INITIAL GRANT APPLICATION. Include your name and role; the name and type of your organisation; contact details; a brief description of your project (include outcomes, number of learners/sessions and dates); the amount you are applying for and how you aim to use it. Finally, please confirm Learning about Bridges activities are scheduled to go ahead and that you have permission to share photographs.

In return, we ask just three things of you:

  1. To enjoy the activities and enthuse young people and children about civil engineering.
  2. Consider encouraging whole families to be involved in your Learning about Bridges sessions, not just children. You can also invite families to check out our Facebook page, where they will find more inspirational free resources, games and links.
  3. Once your activities have started, please send us six photographs of the children learning, so we can celebrate their achievements with you. These pictures will be used on our website and for publicity. Your organisation will be credited, but no children will be named. Please ensure parents or guardians have given permission for this.