Let’s build a bridge!

Learning about Bridges with the Rochester Bridge Trust.

Children aged nine and over can make practical use of what they have learned in the classroom by building a bridge that’s large enough for them to walk across.

The free of charge activity supports the school curriculum, as well as encouraging confidence, logical thinking, problem solving, team participation skills and responsibility among participants.

Brought to any school or community setting with a space of 17m or longer, the activity is provided by the Rochester Bridge Trust in conjunction with FM Conway, and based on a concept by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The whole activity is run by an Event Leader, with engineers supporting the children while they work. Participants are provided with high visibility waistcoats, gloves, safety glasses and hard hats – the only thing schools or community groups need to do is provide the children and the venue.

Trust Education Manager Caroline Chisholm explained: “By enabling children to build the bridge we’re encouraging them to think about engineering principles in a practical way. We find this particularly important for youngsters who may struggle in a formal setting: when constructing the bridge they are on an equal footing with their more academic classmates, which can help them to thrive.

“The activity also tackles stereotyping, engaging the interest of the whole group of children before they encounter societal constraints.”

To find out more or enquire about bringing the bridge building activity to your school or community group, please email education@rbt.org.uk

This bridge activity is delivered free of charge and is carbon neutral.

A primary school builds the bridge

A secondary school builds the bridge