Resources to entertain and educate children

Anyone familiar with the work of the Rochester Bridge Trust will know we believe it’s important for children to learn through play.

This area of the website brings together a selection of free resources to help adults entertain and educate children. The resources vary in length, from short quizzes to full-length learning activities that can span several days, with these longer items including challenges that can be pulled out and individually used to keep young people busy.

Where possible activities are curriculum-linked (mainly for Key Stages 2 and 3, age 7-11 and 11-14), with other resources offered to be complementary to the overall package of learning through play. The majority of resources can be easily adapted to appeal to ages 2-18.

Safety Susie

What do you call the high visibility clothing engineers wear and why is it so important?


Activities which highlight the STEM subjects at different periods through history.


Highlighting the fun side of maths.

Fun & Quizzes

A selection of simple activities relating to engineering.


Fun activities to encourage children to think about where food comes from.