Henrietta – Rochester Bridge Trust Arkwright Engineering Scholar 2022

I am currently studying maths, economics and product design A-levels and working on an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at The Leys School, Cambridge.

I have really enjoyed studying DT all through my schooling career and then done engineering projects in my own time. I am currently renovating my BMW Z3 and have nearly finished renovating a Series II Land Rover, which started as a lockdown project. I have also spent time with an architect and structural engineers designing a house extension for my family home. In my free time I like to design small products to try and solve problems.

I am interested in the engineering that enables ambitious modern buildings to be constructed, especially those with interesting angles and those using environmentally sustainable technologies. I feel the construction industry needs to be striving more to reach carbon neutral designs as climate change is the most pressing issue of my generation.

I have wanted to work in the engineering field as I like being practical and solving problems, but I was not sure what area of engineering until recently. My loves of ambitious public buildings and the environment then helped me narrow down my interests to built environment, architectural and environmental.

I really enjoy my school subjects; maths because of the problem-solving aspect and learning how to do more advanced problems. Economics is great as it gives me a more rounded world view and helps me learn about how companies and the country are organised and managed. I enjoy product design because of the creative, fun, problem-solving aspect and being able to practically design and make things. We are currently making a rotational moulding machine that we have designed.

Outside of my studies, I am a keen member of the Army Cadets, where I am a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and get the opportunity to teach younger children. I also enjoy sport and other outdoor activities.

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