Helen – Arkwright Scholar update 2017

Over the summer I took part in a work experience placement, and now I’m back at Bristol University and well into my third year of study.

The work placement was with London-based structural engineering company Form SD. Structural engineering has been my favourite module so far at university, so I’d decided to email companies asking if they had any opportunities available. Form SD interviewed me about my experience and aims for the placement and then agreed to have me for four weeks.

During my time with the company I got to explore the hands-on side of a structural engineer’s job during a number of site visits. This included checking re-bar against engineers’ drawings and learning the safety requirements on site. I was asked to carry out load take-downs and to design retaining walls. I also used computer software to simulate wind loading on one of their major projects.

Form SD helped me to apply my university studies to real-world problems.

I’m now back at university, working on my third year research project. This is an independent project carrying out an experimental analysis of how structures react to human-induced jumping. It involves practical research to look at how stadium structures cope with crowds jumping in unison to music.

As we’re at the same university, I also occasionally cross paths with another Bridge Wardens’ Scholar, Joshua.

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