The Education Resources Awards 2017

Supporting and inspiring the engineers of tomorrow through a range of education initiatives is one of the many commitments of the Rochester Bridge Trust.

An important part of this is recognising the many people, products and organisations that make up the teaching profession, for instance, through sponsorship of the Education Resources Awards.

This event celebrates the achievements of suppliers and educators in the UK education sector, something the Trust can appreciate having created its own book of lesson plans, Learning about Bridges. This is supplied free to educators, to encourage young people to realise the potential of civil engineering as a career. Further to this, the Trust has an interactive Exploring Engineering Facebook page for families and engineering students, and has also launched a nationwide hands-on education initiative, find out more about this here.

The overall winners of the education Resources Awards will be announced at an event on Friday, 17th March. We congratulate all finalists and look forward to seeing the victors named.

Find out more about the awards at

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