Frederick – Mentored Arkwright Scholar 2016

From an early age I had an interest in taking apart mechanical objects and then reassembling them. This, combined with my passion for science, made engineering the logical step as it allows me to apply science to real-world designing. By the age of 12 I was certain engineering was the career for me.

I’m now 17 and studying towards my AS levels – in maths, further maths and design technology, as well as an A-level in physics and a possible extended project qualification (EPQ) – at the Judd School in Tonbridge.

I live close to Brands Hatch and in the future I would like to study mechanical engineering at university, possibly after taking a gap year in industry. I would then like to become part of a mechanical engineering company after university, however I am also interested in the idea of joining a racing team that would give me direct links with the product I was designing – but for now I’m more focused on my studies.

I applied to be an Arkwright Scholar because I felt it would help me to distinguish myself from other candidates in today’s highly competitive world. It also provides significant support in terms of a network, sponsors, access to lectures and finance, as well as introducing me to other people of my age who are as passionate about engineering as I am. These people are likely to be among my generation’s future leaders in engineering and are therefore both interesting and extremely valuable as contacts. Not forgetting how useful it is as an easier way to connect with the current generation of engineers.

My Arkwright Scholarship is sponsored by YASA (Yokeless And Segmented Armature), an Oxford University tech company specialising in electronic motors. I’m their first scholar and benefit from a range of support and work experience.

My involvement with the Rochester Bridge Trust springs from the fact I have attended a number of their past events. When the Trust found out I had been awarded a scholarship they kindly offered to include me in work experience opportunities alongside their current scholars. I am extremely grateful for the Trust’s generosity and the extra opportunities this gives me.

For anyone interested in engineering, applying to be an Arkwright Scholar is a no-brainer. You have nothing to lose in applying and the process itself is incredibly valuable. I really enjoyed my day’s interview in Cambridge and for the small application fee Arkwright offers an unprecedented opportunity to gain experience in the world of engineering, putting you ahead of your peers and making you a far more attractive proposition for universities.

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