Video Gallery

Meet some civil engineers

An introduction to the variety of roles offered by a career in civil engineering.

Water engineering challenge

Bridges are one element of civil engineering. The provision of clean water is another. In this short film primary school children take part in a challenge to build a water filter. Read testimonials about another school’s experience of the challenge here.

Let's learn about bridges

Take a tour of bridges along the Thames with Langdon the Lion.

Gravesande’s ring demonstration

Weather has a chemical or physical effect on materials, including rock, concrete and meta. Heat causes metals, in particular, to expand. This can be demonstrated using a Gravesande’s ring. These videos show what happens when the equipment is heated: the metal expands.

Expansion of metal, and other materials, with heat is a problem faced in many structures, including bridges. Engineers have had to develop ways of dealing this.

Wall of Women

Bridge Clerk Sue Threader as interviewed by the University of Sheffield as part of their initiative to highlight the achievements of women in engineering.

Bridge Works – Crossing the River Medway

There’s something for all ages in our free Bridge Works exhibition, find out more in this video blog.

Living Land

An event to teach children about food, farming and countryside life, Living Land was held as an online event in 2021. The Rochester Bridge Trust was a sponsor and provided a short film introducing its relationship with the land.

The Royal School of Military Engineering carry out an Exercise Bridge Demolition on Rochester’s Old Bridge

This is a news report by Forces TV, or you can read more about it here.

Sir William Cubitt and the Oxford Canal

Sir William Cubitt was a bridge engineer to the Trust, find out more about him here.

How a lock works

Find out how locks enable boats to travel up and down different levels of water.

ICE Christmas Exhibition 2015

See the fun Langdon had meeting schoolchildren at the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Record Truss Bridge 2012 - University of Auckland Engineering

This truss bridge is the current record holder at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering.

Popsicle Sticks: Building a Strong Truss Bridge with Triangles

How to optimise your truss popsicle stick bridge with triangles.