From Vikings to Da Vinci – free engineering workshops to inspire schoolchildren

A varied programme of free workshops designed to appeal to primary school pupils has been launched by the education team at the Rochester Bridge Trust.

Suitable for children from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 2, the 17 workshops bring engineering to life through a range of engaging, hands-on activities.

Varying in length from an hour to a full day, each unit focuses on a different engineering challenge, often with a dose of history for added colour. 

Subjects range from the Great Fire of London and Viking bridges through to Da Vinci’s inventions and the science behind rollercoasters. Each topic is backed with pre-prepared learning materials, handouts and a lesson plan, and presented by a member of the Rochester Bridge Trust’s Education Team.

Caroline Chisholm, Education Manager at the Rochester Bridge Trust, said: “With such a broad range of subjects on offer, we believe there is something for everyone. The workshops have been developed with children in mind and are designed to be both fun and educational, opening their eyes to the wonders of civil engineering.

“The courses use easily available classroom materials and some of them even come as complete packs so they can be delivered by the pupils’ regular teacher. As the custodians of the bridges at Rochester for more than 600 years, they are part of our mission to teach children about civil engineering.”


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