College staff empowered to deliver bridge building

The partnership between a relatively new college and one of the country’s oldest charities continued at the start of the new term.

Almost 150 students spent their first day at Medway UTC taking part in an interactive bridge building challenge.

The sessions were run by Stephen Moyle, Head of Construction at Medway UTC, and facilitated by Aileen White, Education Officer at the Rochester Bridge Trust, and involved teams constructing a bridge, with each one tested to see how much weight it could hold.

Aileen hosted the first session, supporting UTC staff to repeat the event with pupils from Years 10 and 12. She explained: “We have been supporting these sessions since Medway UTC opened three years ago, meeting students and running the activities. This year we also worked with staff, training them in the delivery of bridge building lessons so that in future years they can deliver the activities without the need for external support.

“As we are a small team, the empowerment of educators is an important part of our work at the Trust, enabling people to use our free bridge building lessons to enthuse as many young people as possible.”

As well as supporting the staff, the Trust also donated bridge testing bases to the college for use in future years.

Stephen added: “It’s great to see how much the students take to these hands-on activities, which are an important part of learning at any age. We are grateful to the Trust for enabling this.”

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