Joshua – Arkwright Scholar update

I’ve just completed the third year of my degree at the University of Bristol, where I’m happy to report I got a First. It’s good to know my hard work has paid off, and will hopefully continue to do so as I enter my Master’s year.

My studies included a research project on timber concrete composites. I was very pleased with it but always think improvements can be made and have recently worked with my supervisor and research partner to convert it into a journal paper, which is now under review.

This summer I’m spending 12 weeks in the Temporary Works office for Balfour Beatty, an engineering contractor. The placement came about while I was working on one of their project sites in Bath last year, when the Temporary Works office’s Chief Engineer invited me to London to gain some additional experience. I spent a fortnight there, during which I was told “you were more useful than I thought you’d be” and invited back this summer.

As a result I recently began work, checking the hoarding safety along the Crossrail route!

Overall, I’m still enjoying my experiences in university and the summer work as much as – if not more than – when I started out.

I’ve not yet decided which route to take when I graduate next year, but I am certainly keen to become chartered at some point, and to gain as wide a set of experiences as I can. My ongoing contact with Rochester Bridge Trust is helping with this.

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