Edward – Bridge Wardens’ Arkwright Scholar 2018

I am 17 years old and currently studying in my first year of A levels at Simon Langton Boys Grammar School – I am doing maths, physics and design.

After A levels I will be looking to go to either university or do an apprenticeship in a field to do with more mechanical engineering, but I have not fully decided which route to take yet.

I have been interested in how things work since I was very young, and making things is what really inspired me to go into engineering. My love for subjects related to that means it was an obvious career path.

My aim for my career is to get a job that I love doing – I would much prefer a hands-on career where I can create and engineer things myself.

I think the Rochester Bridge Trust Arkwright Engineering Scholar scheme is a great programme. It gives future engineers so many opportunities and opens up so many doors by providing educational experiences, and linking the scholars to great businesses and colleges that could really help them in the future.

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