Åsa – Bridge Wardens’ Arkwright Scholar 2014

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When I was younger I visited the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and was intrigued by the way the structure fitted together and how all the components worked in unison. Because of this I learned how the more simplistic the design, the more functional a bridge can be – it is what first interested me in civil engineering.

Engineering is everywhere, it isn’t just about the final structure, it’s about combining design, materials and construction to meet the needs of the community.

At the moment I’m working towards A-levels in design and technology, geography, maths and physics at Putney High School in London, then I hope to go to Oxbridge to study civil engineering. My career aim is to become a chartered civil engineer and to be able to design and create bridges for everyday use.

Being a Bridge Wardens’ Arkwright Scholar is helping with these ambitions.

I’ve received valuable funding which has further developed my interest in engineering. This includes help to fund a trip to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, where I found out how civil engineering has contributed to the creation of this huge structure. I have also met a variety of engineers who have supported me in my desired career path, helping me broaden my interests.

My favourite part of the scholarship is talking to the civil engineers and finding out what their jobs entail. It has also been good to meet the other scholars as well as finding out what the Rochester Bridge Trust does and how they maintain the bridges – this has included a behind the scenes guided tour.

I would definitely recommend the Arkwright Scholars scheme, I have benefitted a lot and am very thankful for the Rochester Bridge Trust for supporting me.

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