New appointment to bring forward engineering education

The Rochester Bridge Trust has appointed its first Education Officer to bring forward its engineering education initiatives.

Former science and physics teacher Sharron Mackenzie’s role includes organising and hosting bridge building activities to promote the potential of civil engineering as a career.

Bridge Clerk Sue Threader explained: “One of the Trust’s objectives is to inspire the next generation of bridge builders. For some time we have been developing a range of education materials for children of primary school age and running events to encourage enthusiasm and knowledge about civil engineering. The appointment of an education officer is the natural way to progress these projects.”

Sharron joins the Trust on a part-time basis, also working as a Teaching and Learning Coach at the Institute of Physics.

She said: “I am pleased to join the Trust and already enjoying the challenge of promoting the possibilities of bridge building to new groups, as well as starting to bring forward a new Family Engineering project.”

Members of the public will be able to meet Sharron at a free event at the Guildhall Museum, Rochester, on Saturday, 18th June. Taking place from 11am until 2pm, families will be able to try their hand at a range of bridge building activities as part of the nationwide Civic Day celebrations.

Another Education Officer, Aileen White, will be joining Sharron in a few weeks’ time.

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