Guided tour powers interest in civil engineering

Young engineers sponsored by the Rochester Bridge Trust have been taken on a guided engineering tour of Dungeness B nuclear power station.

The students, who are studying towards their A-levels and supported by the Trust as Bridge Wardens’ Arkwright Scholars, were given a 90-minute guided tour of the facility because power stations are one of the many structures designed by civil engineers.

Aileen White, Education Officer at the Rochester Bridge Trust, explained: “Civil engineers design the structures where things happen, for instance: airports, sports stadiums, bridges, and power stations.

“This tour was a great opportunity for our young engineers to explore the factors taken into account when designing a power station, to help them visualise the things they will one day be responsible for creating or maintaining. They reacted really well to everything they saw and asked some good questions, it was great to see how interested the scholars were.”

Dungeness B is an advanced gas-cooled reactor power station with a visitor centre. This includes interactive displays to explain more about nuclear power. To find out more about visiting click here.

The students previously visited the O2 dome, to review the engineering behind the iconic structure.

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