Delivering a real-world engineering experience

Students have discovered the historic engineering that was once responsible for keeping the capital city in contact. A group of Bridge Wardens Arkwright Scholars, along with their parents and siblings, were taken on a tour of the Postal Tunnels within the London Postal Museum, by the Rochester Bridge Trust.

The tunnels include a subterranean rail ride, giving the scholars a first-hand experience of how letters used to be delivered, thanks to the efforts of engineers. The museum included a multimedia presentation and a range of exhibitions.

Caroline Chisholm, Education Officer at the Rochester Bridge Trust, was part of the tour. She said: “Historic engineering decisions continue to have an effect on the world around us. These postal tunnels may no longer be in use, but they are part of that rich tapestry of engineering heritage that shapes our lives, and they are a good opportunity to demonstrate the way engineers work to overcome challenges – such as how to deliver an increasing volume of letters across an ever-expanding city.”

Previous real-world engineering experiences for the scholars have included a tour of Dungeness B Power Station, and a walk over the O2 Dome.

Helen Rowe, a parent who attended the tour, said: “Thank you for inviting our family to the Postal Museum – they had a really enjoyable time and learned a lot. These trips are amazing and we feel very lucky to be included.”

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