Learning at home

When it comes to opening children’s eyes to the possibilities of the world, hands-on learning is a great opportunity.

Activities from Learning about Bridges, the Rochester Bridge Trust’s free book of lesson plans, are often used for events and afterschool clubs, and now a group of home educators have come together to enjoy the challenges.

The Trust’s Education Officers met ten young children, teaching them the key aspects of the science of bridges and letting them loose building trusses and arches and trying on health and safety equipment.

Education Officer Caroline Chisholm explained: “The children engaged well with the activities we ran. As well as the memories of our session, we’ve left them and their parents with copies of the book Learning about Bridges, so they can continue to develop their bridge building skills.

“It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with them and I’m sure there are one or two future engineers within the group.”

To download for free or find out more about the book of lesson plans, click here.

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