Vita, MEng Civil Engineering

Vita is a Graduate Engineer in the bridge team at Hyder Consulting (UK) ‘s Guildford Office. She joined Hyder in December 2013 having graduated from the University of Leeds the previous summer.

Throughout school I hadn’t thought about studying engineering until it was suggested to me by my careers advisor. Maths and physics had always been my strongest subjects, however when considering university courses, I decided I didn’t want to study either of them as a pure subject but preferred the idea of a more practical course which would lead to a career. I had a great interest in architecture and structures generally, which naturally led me to civil engineering. Specifically, structural engineering presented the perfect combination of my interests and abilities.

When I was working towards my A levels there were plans to build the i360 in Brighton, just down the road from my home. When completed, this viewing tower would be the tallest in the whole country. I loved the idea of being involved in projects that could completely change the landscape, and the lives of huge communities. Spending a week at an engineering firm prior to applying to university definitely encouraged me to pursue the profession. I had extremely encouraging science and maths teachers so the lack of women in engineering didn’t really impact my decision, other than my desire to help equalise the balance.

You can see from the structures being built around the world that structural engineers are constantly breaking new ground and making innovative designs a reality. Of course this idea applies to all areas of engineering, it is therefore a sector that will never stop changing and presenting new challenges. Regardless of the area of the profession, the work of engineers will always have a significant effect on the wider population. I am very happy to be part of an industry which promotes and creates positive change.

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