School children are civil engineers for a day

Primary school pupils have been learning about the importance of engineering in their everyday lives.

Thirty Year 5 children from St Margaret’s at Troy Town school in Rochester became engineers for a day as part of an event organised by the Rochester Bridge Trust.

Class teacher Miss Biggs commented: “It was a superb day enjoyed by the children, they learnt so much and had fun doing it too.”

The children took part in a range of hands-on activities to experience how civil engineering affects their daily lives; this included testing materials and designing an animal crossing.

Aileen White, Education Officer for the Trust, said: “These practical exercises help children to have a taste of how much fun engineering is. They worked in teams, forming ideas and developing them as a group – just as engineers do – and it was great to see how creative they could be.”

The Trust is dedicated to supporting engineering education, and does so by providing a range of free materials to educators, as well as hosting a variety of activity days throughout the year.

Aileen added: “Capturing children’s interest at a young age makes a real difference to their future education and career choices. At the Rochester Bridge Trust we are keen to encourage as many youngsters as possible to realise how much fun engineering can be.”See more pictures and feedback from the children here.

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